State, local, and academic agencies have a tough job. They receive fewer resources, provide more services, adjust to changing mandates, and face increased scrutiny from lawmakers, citizens, and parents. We understand the business of public safety and have been providing solutions for over 20 years. We help you streamline and optimize business processes, from first call to prosecution. Our experienced and talented staff of experts have over 115 combined years of experience working at Texas public safety agencies as officers, deputies, SROs, and detectives – and are here to support you every day.


Police Officers using Athena Incident Command


Situational Awareness - Athena Suite provides an unparalleled platform to ensure we provide the highest level of situational awareness to officers in the field. Awareness including location alerts (guns, dogs, hazardous materials), prior assailant incidents (including gang relations and known behaviors), visualization of incoming units, and even tapping into building cameras to see activity inside before physical entry.

Response Time - A critical key factor to de-escalating an event and providing critical assistance is how quickly agencies can arrive on scene. The Athena ClosestTo algorithm ensures that the unit able to arrive the quickest is dispatched.

Staying in the Field - The integrated nature of the Athena products enable cases and reports to be written from anywhere; which keeps officers in the field and not stuck behind a desk.



Interactive Maps - Through the Athena Mobile application, users not only get turn-by-turn directions to the site they also have interactive maps that can include hydrant locations, highlight streets under construction, and alert them if the building has hazardous materials inside.

Know Before Entering - Building plans and layouts direct from the city GIS department or from previous inspections can be integrated and available from the field application so that responders can have knowledge of the structure before entering.

Emergency Planning - Pre-defined emergency plans and procedures are instantly available when needed in the field to create immediate structure during a major event.

Fire using Athena Mobile


EMS using Athena Records Management System


Historical Understanding - Through previous call information and location information, EMS responders can understand patient history before ever arriving on the scene. This information can guide them on the best course of action.

Respond More Efficiently - Athena CAD allows emergency communications centers to integrate the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) protocols to quickly and effectively answer emergency calls, manage resources and provide accurate information to responders. (Note: This is provided via an optional ProQA integration.)



Reliability - Citizens, police, fire, and EMS all rely on the Dispatch team to quickly take a call and put the right units en route; and the dispatch team relies on the software they use. 100% uptime and the speed of the application are critical components that are the development foundations for Athena CAD.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use - Through an intuitive GUI, guided processes, auto-populating entries, and predefined running orders we’ve designed our application to be easy to use.

Dispatch using Athena Computer-Aided Dispatch Software


Police Officer using Athena Records Management System


Collaboration - A case file is not built by a single person; it requires a team. Our RMS systems recognize this and allow real-time collaboration between multiple people in multiple departments. Not only does this encourage collaboration, but it also removes unnecessary roadblocks in departments getting their work done.

Time-Saving Case Packager - When the case is ready to turn over to the D.A.’s office, the Athena Case Packager automatically packages all of the incident history, notes, property information, and external media files into a packaged zip file for e-submittal.

Fully Integrated - Athena RMS is fully integrated with Athena CAD which allows investigators to collect evidence, witness statements, perform line-ups, or write incident/arrest reports without having to wait until the call is closed.

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