Athena Public Safety Software Suite

All Athena products are fully integrated and use a shared database. Our ease-of-use design philosophy makes the software intuitive, minimizing training Needs.



Computer-Aided Dispatch

Our heroes need information delivered in a timely and concise fashion. Our CAD features include:

  • Ease of location entry by displaying potential matches on every keystroke
  • Multiple dispatching options for command actions (mouse, keyboard, or maps)
  • User-defined location alerts (guns, dogs, hazardous material, etc)
  • Officer location based on radio GPS
  • Closest to dispatch auto-calculates fastest available responder
Athena CAD Software Status Monitor Athena CAD Software Maps



Records Management System

Athena is a complete, officer-friendly records management system that simplifies and streamlines administrative tasks. Our RMS features include:

  • Our call for service integration avoids duplicate data entry 
  • Report templates for ease of narrative writing
  • Your master record files integrated into CAD & Mobile for intel searches
  • In a few simple keystrokes, you can submit incident reports
  • Integrated Drone, K9, and Animal Control modules
  • Robust case preparation and packager
  • CJIS, CLERY, IBR, NIBRS, TIBRS, & UCR compliant
Athena Records Management System on Multiple Devices



Mobile Data Client

Anything an officer can do in the office can now be performed in the field, drastically improving efficiency throughout the day. Our Mobile features include:

  • Self-initiated activity options, NCIC / TLETS queries, messaging, racial profiling entry, & call search capabilities
  • Historical data alerts from agency records as well as outside agency data sharing capabilities
  • Advanced mapping for routing & easy to access pre-plans, floor plans, and premise intel
  • Even if wireless communications fail a comprehensive local database enables officers to perform at peak efficiency
Athena Mobile Data Client Mapping Units in the Field Athena Mobile CAD Map creating plumes to show threat zone chemical spills integrated with ALOHA software



Incident Command & Control

Incident Command & Control is an in-field command operations hub for emergency events to special events. It is completely integrated with Athena CAD, MDC, & RMS and provides a digital resource to first responders. Our Incident Command & Control features include:

  • Ease of incident management and can offload work from dispatchers
  • Automated personnel accountability report (PAR) check system
  • Integration of unit locations into mapping & status monitor updates in real-time
  • Ability to create multiple branches to assist with span of control over personnel
  • Preload scenario templates based on emergency response planning
  • Load school floor plans, evacuation plans, & access live cameras
  • FEMA reporting (comprehensive logs auto-generated)
  • The loss of wireless communications does not impede incident commanders because data is stored locally (automatically uploaded when communications are reestablished)
Athena Incident Command PAR resources Athena Incident Command Log for Exporting and Filing for FEMA Reimbursement Athena Incident Command Tactical Planning

Electronic Citation Software System

The CitationWise app from ICS, powered by Crossroads Software technology, is a complete citation writing system for mobile devices. The app is developed to be easy to use with many features to automate the citation writing process.

Some of the CitationWise features include:

  • Reducing errors when writing citations by using item lists for violation codes, violation degrees, court dates, and other drop-down list items
  • Scanning barcodes for driver's licenses and registration documents
  • Agency-specific customization for list items
  • Field-level validation to ensure consistency and completeness before printing a cite
  • "Dupe" function promotes speed by easily duplicating information when writing additional citations
Example of CitatonWise eCitation Software on iOS

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