Athena Records Management System is a complete, officer-friendly, R-M-S that simplifies report writing and streamlines administrative tasks. It’s easy to learn and use with over 40 default report templates right from the start.

Our RMS software uses a unique real-time I-B-R records validation. It saves time and eliminates guesswork when submitting incident data to the state.

Athena RMS fully integrates with CAD and Mobile software, providing the capability to import data across the Athena Public Safety Suite and eliminate duplicate data entry.

Our software includes a robust case prep and packager that allows investigators to start working a case immediately upon the incident being reported. You can gather and process information from multiple sources in a variety of media formats.

Our heroes need software that works when they need it most and with ICS, you get an industry-leading support team with over 120 years of direct law enforcement experience.

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