The CitationWise app from ICS, is a complete citation writing system for mobile devices. The app is developed to be easy to use with many features to automate the citation writing process.

The app screen is laid out like a hard copy cite for familiarity, and the menus are simple and intuitive. This results in virtually no training needed and easy adoption. Citation writing errors are significantly reduced through preloaded and customized drop-down item lists for your agency-specific needs.

Scanning barcodes for driver licenses and registration documents adds speed and accuracy to capturing violator and vehicle information. You can also use the “dupe” function to duplicate vehicle and violator information for additional citations after writing the first cite.

The field-level validation feature ensures consistency and prevents errors before printing a cite directly to a Bluetooth-enabled printer. This system works on your mobile device and can automatically be imported into the agency’s court and RMS system.

Our heroes need citation software that’s fast, easy, and accurate. And, with ICS, you get an industry-leading support team with over 120 years of direct law enforcement experience.