I have been using ICS’s Athena Software Suite for over 20 years across many divisions within public safety organizations, and it’s never failed me.

One piece to Athena’s Software Suite is the Records Management System, or RMS for short. One advantage many people don’t realize about this software in how the circle of information and data sharing within an agency can produce unexpected positive results.

Back when I was a detective, I had investigated a case where an elderly individual was moved across the United States by family members into the city I worked.

This case brought us to an address in response to a medical emergency call. But prior to contacting the residence at the location, I performed a brief history search within the Athena RMS software.

The historical information showed relationships within their family and linked a pattern of moving to many different residents in a short time. Connecting the dots from all that recorded data revealed that this elderly individual had been moved around without their consent.

Walking away from that scene really gave me the understanding of how important the ICS Athena software was to our agency and was a critical piece of our criminal justice environment. Without the data that the Athena RMS software allowed us to capture…this incident would have been missed.