Athena Mobile Data Computer (MDC) is a powerful in-field software solution with a user-friendly design that makes actioning items and switching between functions easy while on the go with touch screen technology.

Our MDC software is quick and responsive, critical for situational awareness and officer safety. When looking up an address, it returns specific location and radius alerts, including premise history for guns, dogs, threats, special needs, or even historical calls for service that involved potential officer safety issues. Athena’s Mobile Data Client software also returns National Crime Information Center data within seconds, and the officer and dispatcher are notified simultaneously.

ICS knows the importance of having officers in the field instead of behind a desk. Our MDC software enables mobile report writing, meaning you’ll never have to return to the office to submit incident reports.

Our heroes need software that works when they need it most. With ICS, you get an industry-leading support team with over 120 years of direct law enforcement experience.