ticket-writing_v1_A_city_police_officer_writing_a_ticket_and_stand_aaf7d13f-d5ac-4389-91a6-d948c4743ee7-1Modern policing demands solutions that are not just effective, but also efficient and safe. With the rapidly advancing landscape of digital technology, police departments are challenged to keep pace.

Among the myriad of tech-based solutions emerging in law enforcement, eCitation technology is a standout — revolutionizing how agencies operate while enhancing the safety of their officers and communities.

Let's delve into modern eCitation solutions, highlighting how CitationWise is leading this digital transformation.

The Fast Track to Efficiency

The advantages of eCitation are numerous, but the one that stands out is the incredible time-saving benefit.

CitationWise has been designed to be not only efficient, but also intuitive. There are no cumbersome tabs to sift through. Instead, the user interface (UI) is familiar and easy to use. Plus, it geoverifies offense locations, logging which stop sign was run, for example, even if the offender is pulled over streets away. The software recalls previously visited street crossings, making citation writing even quicker.

CitationWise's ability to scan a vehicle's registration sticker and/or driver's license is another gem. A single scan automatically populates the ticket with all relevant information, eliminating the painstaking process of manually entering each detail.

Imagine you've got a class C misdemeanor with evidence. A quick snap from the officer's device running CitationWise can be attached to the citation as photographic evidence, rather than using a stored department digital camera.

Easy to Use, Seamless Integration

By the end of a long shift, the last thing any officer wants to do is struggle with complicated systems or resubmit any tickets. The team behind CitationWise understands that. Our user-friendly software allows officers to sync and submit their citations either in the field or at the end of their shift. Once a citation is synced, it's locked, ensuring the integrity of the information.

Plus, officers no longer have to submit countless stacks of paper to court clerks. And court clerks no longer have to sift through piles of tickets, bogged down by having to manually enter handwritten data into their systems.

From Paper to Digital, Without the Hassle

Transitioning to a new system might sound like a mammoth task. However, the CitationWise implementation process has been streamlined to ensure minimal disruption.

It's as simple as putting the app on an officer's smartphone or handheld device. The software offers a customizable experience and can be adjusted based on the agency's most frequently written violations, badge numbers, and individual sign-in information.

It might take about three to six months for a complete switch-over, depending on the size and dedication of the agency, but this is far less than the 18 months to two years that some other eCitation software may require.

Safe, Accurate, and Powerful

Safety is paramount in the field, and CitationWise makes it a priority. With the system, officers spend less time with their heads down writing tickets and more time being alert and aware of their surroundings.

Additionally, the chance of human error is greatly minimized. The software includes mandatory fields and checks to capture all critical information accurately. Misspellings and forgotten details? Not with CitationWise!

CitationWise is more than just software — it's a robust data tool. From helping departments keep track of common violations to recognizing patterns in offense types, times, and locations, the software provides invaluable insights that can help shape policing strategies.

CitationWise's duplicate function deserves special mention here. Imagine writing the first ticket at a specific location and simply duplicating the citation for subsequent tickets, just adding the time and offender. This function saves time and allows the software to track patterns more accurately.

Moreover, suppose an officer stops someone with previous citations. In that case, the software pulls up prior records, complete with clearance code and citation type, offering a holistic view of the individual's citation history.

A Solution Tailored to Law Enforcement

With over 115 years of experience in the company, we understand the challenges law enforcement agencies face. That's why CitationWise has been designed to be adaptable to many tasks beyond just issuing citations. Any process currently on paper, such as internal trespass warnings, house watches, or accident reports, can be integrated into the systems. This creates a consistent, streamlined process that saves valuable resources.

We provide comprehensive training during the implementation phase to ensure the learning curve is as seamless as possible. Whether changing forms, adding personnel, or adjusting offenses, we provide the necessary support every step of the way.

CitationWise is more than just eCitation software. It's a solution designed to enhance safety, accuracy, efficiency, and convenience. By digitizing manual processes and consolidating data, law enforcement has an intelligent, modern tool that enables them to do their jobs faster and better.

Find out how to take your agency capabilities to the next level by contacting our team for a demo or any questions you have.


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