ICSxVersaterm_V2Public safety agencies can now choose flexible, right-size CAD and RMS solutions from Versaterm's purpose-built ecosystem

Versaterm, a global leader in public safety solutions, announced today its acquisition of Integrated Computer Systems (ICS). With over 45 years of support for public safety agencies, Versaterm has a distinguished history of technology leadership and a dedication to customer support. ICS chose to join forces with Versaterm because their mission and culture resonate with ours, allowing us to provide you with an expanded range of solutions. The Versaterm ecosystem includes citizen engagement solutions like SPIDR Technologies, body cameras from Visual Labs, internal affairs management with IA Pro, and more. These solutions are now available alongside the Athena CAD/MDC/RMS software suite.

"Today marks a key moment in our journey towards creating a comprehensive public safety ecosystem. By welcoming ICS into Versaterm, we now offer CAD and RMS solutions that meet the operational needs of any agency," said Warren Loomis, President & CEO of Versaterm. "The shared value of delivering a customer-centric experience isn't just part of our business—it is our business, which is why ICS aligns perfectly with our mission of solving challenges for our customers."

ICS' Athena™ Public Safety Suite complements Versaterm's enterprise-level CAD and RMS systems. With this addition, Versaterm demonstrates its commitment to providing solutions that enhance customer and user workflows, driving greater operational efficiency and service excellence.

This is an exciting time for ICS as we join other respected public safety brands that have become part of Versaterm solutions portfolio. Agencies choose ICS not only for our technology but for our unwavering commitment and partnership. Now, as part of the Versaterm ecosystem, we are positioned to offer even more value to our partners. 


About Versaterm

Versaterm is a global public safety solutions company helping agencies transform their organizations by providing innovative solutions, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to customer service. Formed in 1977, we are on a journey to build an ecosystem that will enhance community safety by creating purposeful integrations across the public safety spectrum. We deliver intuitive tools developed for public safety agencies, forensic labs, court systems, schools, and other institutions. Our selective growth strategy focuses on improving customer and user workflows for more efficient and effective operations, leading to better service and more just outcomes. For more information, visit versaterm.com, LinkedIn or X, formerly Twitter.

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