ICS Stories are videos that tell a story from a real customer that uses our software.
This is one of those stories:

In our Texas city district, our police department faced a recurring problem of rampant car thefts. To tackle this issue head-on, we decided to utilize ICS's Athena software suite, which provides us with comprehensive reporting data and actionable analytics.

Thanks to these insightful reports and analytics, we took the following strategic steps:

  • First and foremost, we collected detailed information about car theft incidents, delving into factors like time, location, and relevant details to identify patterns.
  • Through careful analysis, we discovered that car thefts were mainly concentrated in a specific area on Friday nights.
  • Armed with the influential insights from Athena's analytics, we strategically allocated our resources. We increased patrols and deployed additional units to the identified hotspot during high-risk times.
  • Using Athena's reporting and analytic capabilities, we diligently monitored changes in car theft incidents, response times, and overall crime rates. This allowed us to swiftly evaluate our response plan and make necessary adjustments.

As a result, we witnessed a significant decrease in car theft incidents. Our proactive measures and strategic resource allocation truly made a tangible impact on community safety.

This example serves as a true testament to the power of data-driven policing facilitated by the Athena software. It empowers agencies to proactively address recurring issues, allocate resources effectively, and enhance community safety.

After all, our objective isn't solely to apprehend criminals after a crime is committed. Our ultimate goal is to prevent crimes from happening in the first place.